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Positioning is a series of activities aimed at reaching a high position on Google for a specific keyword phrase.

The positioning goal is achieved by the first position - TOP1, but due to the high competitiveness it is assumed that a satisfactory result is to bring the page to the TOP3 or TOP10 position, that is the page in the first portion of the search engine results for a specific phrase.

Due to the increasing competitiveness and development of the search engine (and consequently less and less ability to influence the result), positioning efforts are aimed at increasing global natural search traffic, not just focusing on the phrase.

These actions produce much better results in a shorter time, are safer, and increase the position of the page for strategic phrases.

Actions performed within the framework of positioning:
  • SEO audit

  • SEO optimization

  • Content marketing

  • Link Popularity Building

  • Building a domain authority.


What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - that is, search engine optimization. The purpose of SEO - is to achieve the best possible web design from a search engine perspective.

Search engines indexing a page using so called. Bots thoroughly analyze it, checking all the relationships on a given page, and at the same time determine its usefulness to users and match their content to the keywords that are extracted from the content and classified. Criteria for this analysis and the relationships between words are thousands and are only known to search engine authors.

Over the years Google has repeatedly changed the classification criteria for building so-called. Index (SERP) - adding new and changing existing criteria. Based on the experience gathered by SEO experts, it has been possible to identify and isolate elements that have greater or less importance when indexing pages. This knowledge can be used to build a site that will comply with Google's Webmaster Guidelines and rank high for key phrases we are interested in. This knowledge is available to anyone who has time to read and track information about this topic available on the internet.

SEO is an important field for us to build our competitive edge, and the advantage of our customers who use our expertise and experience.


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SEO Audit

The first thing we do is audit SEO. If positioning is to be applied to an existing page, these actions are intended to examine the search engine page. The study includes a technical analysis that focuses on aspects of code page generation, quality of generated html files, compliance with Google guidelines, mobile version, page speed, server side effects, Google messages,

The second kind of analysis concerns the content of the page and the back of the page. As part of these activities, we analyze content on the page for quality, key phrase matching, content uniqueness, internal linking, broken outbound links. We also check the site environment - external linking in terms of quantity and quality.

As part of the SEO audit, we also perform phrase analysis in terms of efficiency and we propose optimal focus on which to focus.

The result of an SEO audit is a report presenting the results of the analysis in a simple and accessible manner, as well as guidelines and recommendations for further actions that will bring tangible benefits.


SEO - search engine optimization

SEO optimization is about building a search engine-friendly website - Google Webmaster Guidelines, so that it will appear in the search engine index for scheduled and unplanned keywords.

SEO optimization is the most important and most effective way of taking part in the positioning of every website.

We guarantee that every page subjected to SEO optimization will achieve a natural increase in search engine rankings without additional efforts. However, if the goal is to achieve high positions for specific phrases such as TOP10, further systematic marketing content is required.

SEO optimization is divided into:
  • Wide, technical - thanks to which the pages appear in the index on many niche phrases by the so-called. Natural positioning

  • Narrow - made for specific phrases, thanks to which the particular pages reach a high position for important phrases for us.

Advanced SEO optimization includes:
  • Analysis and selection of optimal single- and multi-word keywords from the perspective of the target user groups

  • Build the optimal structure of the site due to URLs

  • Advanced optimization of dynamic and managed meta tags

  • Optimize your site code using advanced SEO techniques.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy to build reach by creating valuable content and publishing it on the web and in social media. Content Marketing is not just about creating articles (copywriting, seo copywriting), but also creating graphic content, ebooks, videos - content that is presented in various forms, attractive to users.

Copywriting is a field that deals with the writing of texts. Until recently, copywriting was about the advertising industry - writing text for visual advertising - inventing ad slogans, signing signatures, verbal frameworks that could easily be passed from one mouth to another, or using the media.

SEO copywriting consists in writing texts for web pages so that they are more valuable to search engines and hence they are indexed to a higher position for predefined key phrases, while maintaining the readability and clarity of the message by the site visitors.

With SEO copywriting, we use page analysis tools to get you closer to the optimum compromise between legibility and optimizing and positioning benefits without breaking the search engine rules.

Building link popularity

We position sites by building so-called. Link popularity by creating a network of links between pages of similar subject.

We have our own facilities that we use in positioning, so our customers can be sure that their pages are positioned in a safe way. We also use techniques to obtain external links from valuable sources.


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