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Advantages of online store

    • It is open 24 hours a day.
    • It can handle any number of customers at the same time.
    • It can offer goods that you physically do not have in stock.
    • With analytical tools, you can better understand your customers and sell more.
    • Online promotion lets you measure the effects accurately, so you can optimize your advertising spend by shifting your budget to those channels that deliver the best results.
    • Online promotion allows you to reach a large audience, making it much more efficient and less expensive.
    • 80% of internet users regularly buy in online stores.



Designing and creating online stores

Creating online stores PrestaShopCreating online stores MagentoCreating online stores Wirtualizer
We can offer:
  • Simple - ready-made online stores - based on the popular open source platform - Presta Shop

  • Advanced online stores - created on the Magento platform and Wirtualizer EMS.


Within the implementation measures we offer:
  • Comprehensive store creation - design, implementation, content, promotion

  • Comprehensive graphic design - logo, graphics

  • Encoding templates in responsive technology - RWD

  • Implementation of shop management systems / B2B platform

  • Migrations and imports of goods and content from other online shops and ERP systems

  • Creating, putting content into the store

  • Search engine optimization - SEO

  • Modifications and creation of custom ecommerce solutions

  • Integration with storage systems, ERP and other business systems.

Creating online stores Magento

Magento online stores

The Magento platform is one of the most popular systems for managing online stores. In Community Edition, Magento is free and can be used to build any store. Magento has recently become a very popular implementation script that many customers choose.

The main advantages of the system is the ability to build a large site with a lot of functionality, which can be added on the basis of free and paid plugs, which unfortunately code is often encoded Ioncubem, so there is no possibility of their development on their own.

Magento allows advanced SEO optimization and management of many online stores.

The main advantages of Magento are first of all great functional and configuration capabilities, tremendous support for developers and powerful SEO capabilities. Magento also has disadvantages. Performing basic operations is not at all as intuitive as other scripts and often takes time to get to know the interface better. In addition, the system has a lot of hosting requirements and it is recommended to install on servers from VPS up.

If you are planning to build a large-scale, feature-rich shop and you are prepared for the cost of maintaining the right hosting, Magento can be a very good solution.

Creating online stores PrestaShop

PrestaShop online stores

PrestaShop is one of the more popular free online shopping scripts. This is an open source system so that the script has a large web community gathered on many internet forums - English and Polish.

The system has a much more intuitive interface than the Magento and lots of free and paid plugins. It is also possible to create your own modules where only our imagination and programming skills are limited.

PrestaShop is a system that does not have so much hosting requirements as Magento and can be installed even on shared hosting.

The main defects of the system are the large number of patches released, among others. For security, the implementation of which is not so simple and requires proper knowledge. The disadvantages are also limited functionality in the base version and the need to buy paid plugs to get the functionality needed.

PrestShop is a very good script for small and medium online stores, recommended for people who are starting their e-commerce business.

Creating online stores Wirtualizer

Promotion of online stores

Apart from design and implementation activities, we also offer comprehensive promotional activities.

As part of promotional activities we offer:
  • Store analysis for usability, search and conversion

  • SEO optimization and conversion optimization

  • Content marketing - content creation

  • Search Engine Marketing - AdWords

  • Marketing on display and on Facebook

  • Marketing through affiliate networks

  • Monitor search engine positioning for selected key phrases

  • E-marketing training and site optimization

  • Verification of ideas and assistance in their implementation.


Designing and creating B2B platforms

We offer the creation of B2B sales platforms. We use a proven solution - Wirtualizer EMS, which enables simultaneous sales on the B2C and B2B market.

The system allows for extensive integration with external systems, wide parametrization capabilities, including process automation, support for extensive sales paths. Within the project, the system can also be responsible for warehouse processes and logistics management, transport, circulation of documents with suppliers and recipients.


Sample projects



Advantages of our works

  • Responsive templates

    We are aware that the long term positioning of a search engine site will largely depend on its mobile version. Therefore, when designing templates, we put the focus on the mobile version - to make it as user-friendly as possible, and in line with Google's guidelines and available devices.

  • Individual graphic designs

    We follow the trends. We try to be modern but also nice. We listen to customers. We use material design. We try to expose the products, and the template is to be added to the whole. We test different shapes and color versions.

  • User monitoring

    With modern solutions, we collect activity data for all shop visitors - anonymous and logged-in, not only through Google Analytics, but also directly through our online store. This helps us better understand our customers and communicate better with them - not only through automated mailing, but also directly through their store visits.

  • Preview the lockers and baskets

    We monitor all lockers and baskets that are created in the store. It knows exactly what interests customers. This knowledge allows us to effectively communicate with customers and generate additional shopping incentives in the form of individual promotions and discount coupons.

  • SEO Optimization

    We know how important search engine traffic is. That is why every shop we optimize for SEO, so that the products have titles expanded by the selected features, do not create duplicate content, shorten the URL, optimize the category structure, we use asynchronous loading of scripts and content.

  • Multiple languages, currencies, domains

    Thanks to our stores you can sell worldwide. Our stores support any number of currencies and language versions, and each language version can be hosted on a separate domain or as a primary domain subdomain. Such a solution is optimal from an SEO perspective. Managing multiple languages is simple and fast, without duplicating data.

  • Many shops - multistore

    Our technology allows you to operate multiple stores under separate domains within one panel. Each store can have a separate category structure, multiple currencies, language versions and every product we sell can be sold at once in many stores. This is the so-called. Multichannel sales - a multichannel that allows you to segment and service multiple markets. Supporting multiple stores in one panel gives you tremendous marketing opportunities, simplifies handling, lowers your operating costs, and increases your competitive edge.



Clients about us

  • Tomasz Jarosz

    I acknowledge that Heuristic has made for my company two social and information portals:

    The services rendered by Heuristic were professionally produced. All work has been performed reliably, with due diligence and within the contractual deadline.

  • Agnieszka Różycka

    All works on the portal have been made in a timely manner, professionally, with due diligence.

    We have been cooperating with Heuristic for 7 years on the development of the portal for new functionality. The company provides us with support and administration services for the portal.


  • Paweł Chrząszcz

    Heuristic has created a corporate website for us and a B2B platform that supports processes with our suppliers and customers in terms of query execution, bidding, invoicing, warehouse management, and settlement.

    All work has been done according to principles, professionally and in a timely manner.



How much does an online store cost depends on the following factors:

  • Graphic work scope - template modification, individual template and graphics

  • Scope of implementation works - template programming, standard / individual functionality

  • Additional work scope - SEO optimization, data import, integration.


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Hosting and maintenance

We offer hosting on shared servers, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

Formal agreement

The formal agreement contains:
  • Specification of the scope of works according to the offer

  • Terms of payment

  • Terms of guarantee

  • Work schedule.

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