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If you are in the process of finding the best IT solutions and want to increase your company's market competitiveness and are not sure of the best solutions - we can help you with your knowledge and experience.

We will help you improve your business competitiveness by implementing the right solutions and taking the right action.

We will help your business to expand your market and reduce your operating costs by using the best IT and marketing solutions.


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  • Agnieszka Różycka

    All works on the portal have been made in a timely manner, professionally, with due diligence.

    We have been cooperating with Heuristic for 7 years on the development of the portal for new functionality. The company provides us with support and administration services for the portal.


  • Maciej Sasin

    Not that nice and nice, it has also helped me build the websites they sell. Thanks to them I worked in content marketing before others started writing about it. I would recommend heartily.

    As for me you are reliable. Always immediate help, kindness, conscientiousness, punctuality ... full of professionalism and valuable advice. THANK YOU for every joint project, and we have a few in their account.

  • Agata Sołdaj

    As for me you are reliable. Always immediate help, kindness, conscientiousness, punctuality ... full of professionalism and valuable advice. THANK YOU for every joint project, and we have a few in their account



Marketing consultancy

Business promotion opportunities have never been as big as they are today. The Internet gives you an unprecedented opportunity to reach potential customers. Communication with your target group - potential customers has never been so easy, both in the B2C and B2B markets. Every marketer has so many tools today that sometimes he does not know which one to use. And no one is surprised at all, because the increment of available tools is so great that before we get to know one tool there are three new ones offering even more possibilities.

Social mechanisms are the same, yet the incentives and expectations of individuals are much more sophisticated than they used to be, so the ways of communication and the quality and level of marketing message have changed dramatically.

Therefore, if we want to achieve satisfactory results in building awareness and improving brand quality, we should make optimum marketing efforts using the best tools.

If you want to optimize your marketing efforts - we can help you.

We help in developing marketing strategies for businesses and organizations. We select the optimum tools and channels for promotion and communication with the target group. We set goals and measure results. We make changes and test different variants to ultimately achieve the optimum marketing mix, tailored to your tastes.

Ecommerce consulting and audits

Ecommerce today is a huge sales market that is growing every year. It is also a very dynamic market and in many industries highly competitive. E-commerce is also a modern technology available at your fingertips - just need to know what to use and how.

As part of the counseling, we help develop a strategy for using eCommerce to increase sales and market presence, and optimize the use of available technology and human resources.

Within the framework of e-commerce consultancy we perform:
  • Internal analysis of the enterprise

  • Analysis of current presence and activity on the Internet

  • Analysis of the offer, ways of presentation

  • Analysis of used and potential sales channels

  • Technological analysis.

Results of ecommerce audit:

On the basis of our audit, we present a summary report and suggestions that include:

  • Optimization of sales channels

  • Technological optimization

  • Optimization of internal and external processes

  • Optimization of marketing and social marketing.


SWOT analysis

We conduct business analysis and we propose actions to increase the company's competitiveness on the market:

  • Analysis of firm strengths and weaknesses

  • Analysis of hazards and hazards

  • Analysis of the company's closer and further business environment

  • Analysis of business processes

  • Analysis of marketing activities undertaken

  • Market analysis for expansion

  • Analysis for multichannel sales

  • An analysis to reduce operating costs through the use of technology.


Market analysis

  • Analysis of applied and potential ways of communicating with the market.

  • Analysis of potential opportunities to expand the market.

  • Analysis of applied and potential opportunities for promotion of the offer.

  • An analysis of the used and potential opportunities to promote the offer.


Analysis of competition

  • Analysis of used tools and marketing channels.

  • Analysis of ways of presenting the offer.

  • Analysis of used channels and marketing messages.

  • Analysis of search engine marketing activities.


A sample of the analyzes carried out is a report document detailing the performance of the analyzes and our suggestions and recommendations for further action. The results of the analysis can be discussed during on-line conferences or on-site conferences.
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