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What is landing page

Landing page is a dedicated website or subpage of a website that a user hits by clicking on a link, such as a search engine, AdWords campaign, Facebook, or partner.

Landing pages can support promotional activities, sales or any other business related activities, such as recruiting employees.

Through the readability of the message, concentration on specific marketing and sales goals, and consistency with branding, a properly designed landing page is able to effectively achieve its goals.

Landing page supports marketing activities as follows:
  • It strengthens your interest in marketing by providing selected content

  • Enhances brand / campaign recognition by consistently identifying creatives with the identities used in marketing activities (such as a campaign).

  • Provides feedback from users through tools like forms, probe, etc.

  • Provides information in the form of statistics that allow you to more accurately calculate the performance of your campaign (ROI)

  • It allows you to collect information from the market, depending on your goals and target group eg customer satisfaction, interest in the offer, strengthening your marketing research

  • It allows you to quickly close impulse transactions by using proven sales methods using, for example, NLP techniques

  • It allows you to focus on conversions - generating leads - eg building a base of potential customers, mailing a database.

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  • Zofia Gorczyca

    We have been working since 2014.
    Super, professionally, top shelf service.

    I recommend utterly


  • Agata Sołdaj

    As for me you are reliable. Always immediate help, kindness, conscientiousness, punctuality ... full of professionalism and valuable advice. THANK YOU for every joint project, and we have a few in their account


  • Maciej Sasin

    Not that nice and nice, it has also helped me build the websites they sell. Thanks to them I worked in content marketing before others started writing about it. I would recommend heartily.

    As for me you are reliable. Always immediate help, kindness, conscientiousness, punctuality ... full of professionalism and valuable advice. THANK YOU for every joint project, and we have a few in their account.


Advantages of our works

  • Realization of goals

    Before we start building the site together with you, we define the goals that it is supposed to accomplish. This allows you to design a more effective solution focused on meeting the defined goals, in principle - before you set the first step to specify where you want to reach.

  • WordPress, Actualizer

    Our landing page is managed entirely by our owners. It is you and the people in your company who have full control over the content of your site. Our system - Actualizer CMS, allows you to create a target site of any appearance and functionality, and you will also need to manage multiple landing pages within one platform, and run additional services under new domains.

  • Unlimited development opportunities

    Our landing sites can be developed in any direction. Implemented CMS systems are open to modifications so that the service can also be developed by independent developers who can make modifications and create new functionality.

  • Checked solutions

    We have many ready-made solutions that we can use to create landing pages. If this is the case we need to be able to write any functionality according to the needs of the project.

  • SEO Tools for Search Engines

    Built-in SEO tools and advanced optimization capabilities allow for quick indexing of content and natural positioning of services to increase natural search engine traffic. CMS automatically generates a sitemap file for search engines and automatically creates 301 redirects when link changes.


 Our tools

Actualizer CMSWordPressWirtualizer EMS

Layout, graphic design

As mobile devices generate more and more traffic, current web design trends are centered on the usability of mobile services. You can notice the similarity of today's services - they are relatively long, often one-sided pages, the whole content of which is presented on one long page.

No one is surprised by this approach, because on the phones assimilate the content by scrolling rather than by clicking and moving to the next subpage.

Why scrolling pages:
  • Easy site matching for mobile devices that prefer to scroll over click

  • High readability due to the lack of having to "push" everything before the page fold line as it was before

  • The possibility of scheduled user guidance through the use of so-called storry telling or AIDA


By creating a new web site you can not forget about search engines because they will generate the most traffic on our site.

Our CMS allows you to accurately optimize your site for search engines so that our services are indexed quickly and accurately by the search engines and quickly appear in the search rankings, which increases the number of visitors to the site.

SEO optimization is the cheapest way to attract potential customers, because it allows you to generate traffic from natural search results. SERPS at no extra cost eg on AdWords advertising.



How much does a landing page cost depends on the following factors:

  • The scope of graphic work - eg using a finished template, modifying or creating a template from scratch

  • Functional range - the use of standard or tailor-made solutions

  • Layout complexity - presentation style, complexity, special effects

  • Number of languages and domains supported

  • Additional work scope like search engine optimization (SEO), conversion optimization, A / B testing.

Hosting and maintenance

We offer hosting on shared servers, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

Formal agreement

The formal agreement contains:
  • Specification of the scope of works according to the offer

  • Terms of payment

  • Terms of guarantee

  • Work schedule.

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