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Creation of corporate image

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine life without original names and designs. They accompany not only companies as brand names but also practically all products and services marketed.

The importance of a properly designed logo or marketing strategy is already known to corporations and big companies that spend a lot of money on the best graphic designers who design for their modern creations - look banal at first glance, behind which is the real craftsmanship and experience of their creators. .

More and more often, small and medium sized companies become aware of the importance of a properly designed logo, logo, and how the right creative affects the image and perception of the company or the market.

We offer a modern graphic design that creates a positive image of companies, products and brands.


As part of graphic work related to image creation, we provide:
  • Matching creatives to industry, target audience, brand positioning on the market

  • Consistency with the name of the company and other brands belonging to the customer

  • Analysis of competition to not duplicate the same signs and patterns

  • Modern typography (fonts)

  • Many versions on the same aesthetic level.


Sample projects

Projektowanie graficzne logoProjektowanie graficzne logoProjektowanie graficzne logoProjektowanie graficzne logoProjektowanie graficzne logo

Design of logo and Corporate Identity

We design the logo itself and corporate identity / business cards, letterheads, envelopes, leaflets, banner banners and other image materials needed to carry out the planned marketing strategy.

We guarantee a modern approach when designing a graphic sign.


Kreacja wizerunku - papier firmowy i wizytówki

Kreacja wizerunku - płyty CD

Apart from properly designed corporate identity and logo, one of the most important elements of creating an image is the website. Only a professionally prepared website can help build a positive image of your business or brand.

Web design

We offer graphical web design services according to the latest trends.

We design modern web graphics:
  • Corporate and corporate services

  • Information portals, industry, catalogs

  • Social media

  • Internet shops

  • Web and mobile application interfaces.


Our graphic designs have an intuitive navigation, clear layout and a modern design that is consistent with your company / brand identity.
When designing, we take into account usability in mobile devices.

Catalogs, flyers, business cards

Of course, the Internet alone is not enough to build an image. In this tedious process, traditional marketing tools such as flyers, banner banners, posters and other printed materials come to mind.

In our agency we offer advertising materials for printing purposes - in accordance with your marketing guidelines or guidelines, we are able to design interesting advertising materials to help you create your company / brand image or your promotional campaign.



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