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Why you need a new web site

Do you know that:
  • 74% of internet users evaluate the credibility of the company based on the look and behavior of its website

  • The company website is the most important tool for creating an image and credibility of a company    

  • The company website is the most important tool for acquiring new customers / leads    

  • Properly optimized website is the basis for effective positioning    

  • Optimized page for higher quality factor and thus lower cost of AdWords advertising.


They trusted us


Benefits for your business

How a good business website helps in business:
  • Creates a positive image

  • Provides up-to-date company information

  • Promotes the company's offer

  • It acquires new customers and partners by acquiring leads

  • Improves the quality of customer service

  • Streamlines sales processes

  • Reduces business and promotion costs

  • It helps to attract new employees

  • And most importantly - it is an important element in building competitive advantage.


Clients about us

  • Tomasz Jarosz

    I acknowledge that Heuristic has made for my company two social and information portals:

    The services rendered by Heuristic were professionally produced. All work has been performed reliably, with due diligence and within the contractual deadline.

  • Agnieszka Różycka

    All works on the portal have been made in a timely manner, professionally, with due diligence.

    We have been cooperating with Heuristic for 7 years on the development of the portal for new functionality. The company provides us with support and administration services for the portal.


  • Paweł Chrząszcz

    Heuristic has created a corporate website for us and a B2B platform that supports processes with our suppliers and customers in terms of query execution, bidding, invoicing, warehouse management, and settlement.

    All work has been done according to principles, professionally and in a timely manner.



Sample projects


Advantages of our works

  • Responsive layout

    When designing a company website, we insist that the layout is as user-friendly as possible, responsive to mobile devices. Our technology allows us to create a service of any layout and appearance, which gives us full freedom and frees our creativity. We also offer search engine optimization and conversion so that the site is more efficient and better sell.

  • Unlimited development opportunities

    The CMS deployed by us allow unlimited development of the site in any direction. Templates and system code are open and can be modified as needed and developed by independent developers who can create new functionality.

  • Checked solutions

    Our technology has proven itself in many websites for small, medium and large companies including: Abbott Corp., Toyota Fork Lifts, Nobiles, Oleofarm, Sobieski and Lissy. We offer many ready-made modules and functionality that we choose according to the needs of the implementation.

  • SEO tools for search engines

    Built-in SEO tools and advanced search engine optimizations allow you to quickly index the content and natural positioning of the site. This allows the page to be accurately indexed and to increase traffic from long tail queries.



What we offer

1. Designing, creating and optimizing company websites

We offer modern, resilient services tailored to mobile devices.
Our company services are based on the popular CMS system - WordPress or author Actualizer CMS and Wirtualizer EMS.

We can offer:
  • Modern templates tailored to your design

  • Individual templates designed and created from scratch

  • Support for multiple languages and domains

  • Product catalogs

  • Calculators

  • Product wizards

  • Intranet / extranet

  • Other dedicated solutions.

What you will receive:
  • Professional advice

  • Aesthetic, elegant design of the site

  • An intuitive responsive layout in RWD technology

  • Modern content management system - CMS

  • CMS training

  • 12 months warranty

  • The possibility of payment on a one-off or subscription basis

  • Possibility to expand the service.


2. Effective marketing, building competitive advantage

Modern site is not enough to build and grow a business. If the site does not attract users, it will not earn money either by generating leads, for example. And here comes not about some random users there, but about attracting users from their target audience - potential customers. Only valuable traffic on the site makes sense because it translates into measurable benefits in the form of new customers, and contributes to improving search engine position. And how? We would love to talk about it during the interview, just ask for it.

We offer not only specific marketing activities, but above all our knowledge and experience in building competitive advantage through the use of modern technology and through planned marketing activities. By working with us, you will receive support so you can stay ahead of the competition and effectively build a market advantage.

First thing you have to do is to believe it is possible. The second one - believe that the strategy that we will work together will allow you to achieve this. We believe in it and according to our mission we will do everything to help you achieve this goal.

In our activities we use:
  • Branding

  • Storytelling

  • Content marketing

  • Search engine positioning / SEO

  • Search engine marketing / SEM

  • Social media marketing.

 Our tools

Actualizer CMSWordPressWirtualizer EMS


How much does a company website cost depends on the following factors:
  • The scope of graphic work - eg using a finished template, modifying or creating a template from scratch

  • Functional range - the use of standard or tailor-made solutions

  • Layout complexity - presentation style, complexity, animations

  • Scope and complexity of the offer - quantity and type of products on offer, how they are presented

  • Number of languages and domains supported

  • Additional work scope like search engine optimization, content creation and import, conversion optimization.


Steps to create a website


  • Needs overview

    We try to find out as much as you can about your needs. We analyze briefs, ask questions, make proposals, share ideas. We also ask for an approximate project budget, which makes it easier for us to propose an optimal solution tailored to the client's financial capabilities.

  • Offer preparation

    We analyze the collected information, prepare a list of tasks to be performed and prepare the valuation. We are preparing an offer that details the work we are proposing. The offer is always negotiable, where we always try to find a solution that will benefit both parties.

  • Signing a contract

    This is a strictly formal stage in which we prepare the contract and send it for analysis. In the course of the negotiations, we will specify the final version of the contract, which we send to the signature together with the advance invoice for the amount specified in the contract.

  • User experience and design

    We are designing a new site layout. Design includes color formatting of the main page and subpages, selection of fonts and photos. Within this stage we prepare sliders and banners for the page.

  • Coding

    At this stage we code the frontend templates, that is what the user sees. This is usually the longest step requiring the greatest amount of work and time. This stage consists of a series of shorter stages in which specific modules and functions are performed.

  • Testing

    At this stage, we provide access to the beta site. This is a ready-to-use service. We listen to possible comments and make modifications as needed. At this stage, content is imported or imported from other sources.

  • On-line training

    Training mostly in the form of on-line conferencing via Skype or other conference program. Training lasts up to 2 hours at a time and can be repeated as part of the support that is offered as standard for 12 months.

  • Installation

    We do configuration temporary domain, hosting or VPS server or dedicated server and install service. After installation of the service is available on a temporary domain, eg on which we check whether everything works properly. We then configure the target domain under which we launch the on-line service.

  • On-line support

    After launching the service for 12 months, we provide warranty service and on-line support in which we address possible issues and help editors.

  • Care and development

    Upon completion of the project, it is possible to sign the SLA for administration and development of the site. The SLA is signed for a specified number of hours during which development work is performed. All works are reported in a dedicated application.


Hosting and maintenance

We offer hosting on shared servers, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

Formal agreement

The formal agreement contains:
  • Specification of the scope of works according to the offer

  • Terms of payment

  • Terms of guarantee

  • Work schedule.

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