• Tomasz Jarosz

    I acknowledge that Heuristic has made for my company two social and information portals:

    The services rendered by Heuristic were professionally produced. All work has been performed reliably, with due diligence and within the contractual deadline.

  • Krzysztof Trawiński

    While performing the portal, Heuristic has shown professionalism - all the work has been done reliably, with due diligence and timely. Under constant cooperation, Heuristic continues to implement new functionality for the portal. We give the company Heuristic references for the professional execution of the portal and other services.

  • Agnieszka Różycka

    All works on the portal have been made in a timely manner, professionally, with due diligence.

    We have been cooperating with Heuristic for 7 years on the development of the portal for new functionality. The company provides us with support and administration services for the portal.


  • Paweł Chrząszcz

    Heuristic has created a corporate website for us and a B2B platform that supports processes with our suppliers and customers in terms of query execution, bidding, invoicing, warehouse management, and settlement.

    All work has been done according to principles, professionally and in a timely manner.


  • Damian Marciniak


    Already Einstein said that "THERE IS A SAME, SHOULD BE SIMPLE," and that is what Heuristic is. These complex IT projects become simple and logical, and they are reliably executed.

    We have been cooperating fruitfully since 2007. In the meantime, we were tempted by a few other bidders, but as a result, it ended up with a return to Heuristic and the work done by them, also if someone is looking for a dedicated and dedicated personalized solution, I would definitely recommend it.

    We have not yet been disappointed and we are fully satisfied.

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