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About Heuristic

As an internet software house and interactive agency, we are at the cutting edge of new media, technology and marketing offering modern solutions for business and administration.

Heuristic is a word derived from a Greek heurisko - I find, I discover. It means the ability to detect new facts and relationships between facts. Heuristics is also a field of science related to creative problem solving and creative thinking.

Heuristic forecasting methods are methods that use expert judgment based on their experience and intuition to formulate the forecast.

Our vision

Competitive advantage through technology

Our vision is the competitive advantage of small and medium businesses through modern technology.


Our mission

Build competitive advantage for small and medium enterprises
by creating modern web solutions

Our mission is to build competitive advantage for small and medium businesses by creating modern websites, stores, web applications, building a strong brand on the web, and streamlining sales and after-sales processes.


Internet software house

Dedicated web applications

Within this area we offer programming services related to the development of dedicated web applications - from web services to dedicated applications supporting the activities of companies and organizations in the following areas:

  • Sales support - product websites, online shops, e-commerce applications and services, B2B / B2C platforms

  • Customer service - CRM applications

  • After-sales service - aftermarket applications - warranty service, after-sales service, support

  • Organization of work - electronic document flow, intranet applications - collection and sharing of information

  • Integration of web applications with ERP / CRM systems, etc.



Our software

We offer two systems that match the needs and specificity of the project.

Actualizer CMS

Actualizer is a system for managing various types of websites - from company websites, landing pages to large portals. The system has been under development for more than 10 years and offers a great deal of configuration and adaptability to the functional needs of the project. The system can handle any kind of service, with any appearance, has a powerful engine (engine) so it can support services that generate even very high traffic. The system was repeatedly tested by independent operators in terms of security mainly for public administration deployments. The Actualizer platform architecture combines xHTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, and Ajax.

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Wirtualizer EMS

Wirtualizer is a system combining features of e-commerce, ERP, WMS and CRM systems. The system is designed for distribution companies looking for a system to manage sales processes across multiple channels, warehousing, marketing and logistics. The Wirtualizer also has a built-in CMS for content management. Due to the growing interest in the e-commerce industry, the system is becoming increasingly widespread in many areas as a base for transactional services. The system can also be integrated with any external, web and off-line systems and applications.

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Interactive Agency

Modern marketing strategies

As an interactive agency we offer services to create a modern image on the Internet and in real life. We are developing strategies using the internet. We help strengthen our image through various marketing and PR activities.


Our competence

We are a team of enthusiasts of new media and new technologies. The Internet is more than just a modern communication tool - it is a tool for creating reality in the way we want it - us or our customers.

  • Creative works

    • Naming - naming for products and brands        

    • Branding / rebranding - designing logos and image materials        

    • Design of image strategies        

    • Graphic design for internet and print        

  • Design and creation of services, shops and applications    

    • Creating pages and applications in PHP / JS / Ajax / C ++ / xHTML / CSS        

    • Server configuration and administration        

    • System integration        

  • E-marketing

    • SEO - search engine optimization services        

    • Search engine page positioning        

    • Content marketing        

    • Conversion optimization        

    • Creating marketing strategies        

    • PPC campaigns - AdWords, Facebook Ads        

    • Social marketing - Facebook


Clients about us

  • Damian Marciniak


    Already Einstein said that "THERE IS A SAME, SHOULD BE SIMPLE," and that is what Heuristic is. These complex IT projects become simple and logical, and they are reliably executed.

    We have been cooperating fruitfully since 2007. In the meantime, we were tempted by a few other bidders, but as a result, it ended up with a return to Heuristic and the work done by them, also if someone is looking for a dedicated and dedicated personalized solution, I would definitely recommend it.

    We have not yet been disappointed and we are fully satisfied.

  • Agnieszka Różycka

    All works on the portal have been made in a timely manner, professionally, with due diligence.

    We have been cooperating with Heuristic for 7 years on the development of the portal for new functionality. The company provides us with support and administration services for the portal.


  • Paweł Chrząszcz

    Heuristic has created a corporate website for us and a B2B platform that supports processes with our suppliers and customers in terms of query execution, bidding, invoicing, warehouse management, and settlement.

    All work has been done according to principles, professionally and in a timely manner.



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