Hashtags - 5 rules for creating effective tags

Hashtagi ułatwiają użytkownikom dostęp do naszego contentu If you are responsible for your internet marketing business or you are running your own business and you have come here looking for information on how to increase your content coverage or multiply traffic on your website, then you probably know more about the hashtag. But if you are not one of those people, or you are, but you do not know how to use # in business or you are just interested in what a trendy,

#Hashtag - introduction

The name behind the badge in the shape of a hurdle came from a combination of two English words: hash - grid and tag - tag. In the internet world used since long since 1988.

It was then used by Internet Relay Chat users to categorize content within groups. This has made it easier for users to find relevant and related content. Many years later, because in 2007 this solution was used on the Twitter social networking site. What has worked out really well. Other Twitter portals followed. However, these tags have not worked out the same everywhere. Facebook users have not accepted hashtag enthusiasm.

This is because Facebook has a different kind of action than Twitter. It is used to connect specific profiles together. Hashtags can generate anonymous communities that Facebook users do not like. Also Google+ uses tagging. The presence of hashtags in posts is rewarded by the search engine. Hurdle shaped tags are also supported by Pinterest. However, among all communities, the unquestioned king of hashtags is Instagram.

Hashtagi zamieszczone w poście wpływają na pozycjonowanie w wyszukiwarce


5 rules for creating effective hashtags

By using hashtags, remember that poorly applied can have the opposite effect of being assumed. Imagine that you are encountering instagram something like this: # the best place to work and what do you do? Because I push unfollow! So remember: use good hashtags or do not use them at all!
  1. Make sure the hashtag is unique, easy to remember, and related to what you do, like #decorateLilio.

  2. So using a hashtag #decorate # with #Lilio will have no effect, and you'll go out on the internet dilettante who has no idea what he's doing.If you are building a multi-word tag or one that contains conjunctions or prepositions, it must be written together. Just remember that if you have to be easy to remember do not exaggerate with their quantity. Hashtag can be built with one or more words.

  3. A simple hashtag increases the likelihood that users will remember it.Making a long-running hashtag will be fatal. Do not complicate Simplicity in this case is a virtue.

  4. We can then inform them about local promotions or all sorts of attractions.This is a good way to communicate with our observers in specific cities. However, if we run our business in several cities, the following hashtags will be: #RuskiePierogiKrosno, #RussianResults, #RuskiePierogiSanok. The basic hashtag will of course be: #RuskiePierogi. A good example would be the "Ruskie Pierogi" restaurant. If you are running a business that requires renting a property, please let us know about its location. Add a location to the hashtagah.

  5. Intelligent grouping. It involves combining our hashtag with other, more familiar ones that are within our business and interests. Example: #decorateLilio, #DobreBoPolskie, # holidays, #chrismascoming.

If anyone is wondering whether to use Polish hashtags, the answer is simple - clear yes! Hashatagi need not be globally available. There are many companies that operate exclusively on the local forum.


Where and how to use hashtags

As I mentioned at the beginning of the hashtag are supported by most major social networking sites. The problem is that they are not used the same everywhere. Some portals like them more less different. You need to know how and where to use them. But there is something that works in conjunction with hashtags to link all these portals, namely that each should be written the same.

Nie wszystkie portale społecznościowe lubią hashtagi


Instagram is the absolute dominator in the world of hashtags. Its action is based on adding tags in the descriptions. The idea behind the portal is to connect unknown profiles from around the world that connect and often become big communities. Hashtagi on Instagram gives us the ability to reach our product to people from all over the world. Thus, our Christmas tree decoration from Podkarpacie may have more clients in England than in Poland. Data from the SumAll Blog analysis, conducted on a sample of 450 ths. Instagram users speak for themselves.

Compared to posts without a hashtag:
  • 1 hashtag gives you a 19% increase in interest

  • 8 tags give you a 10% increase in interest

  • 11 markers and more give a 552 percent increase in interest.



Twitter because it gives users only 140 characters does not like so many hashtags as Instagram. While various studies have shown that using Twitter tags is crucial in building reach. In the case of tweets with hashtags their effectiveness doubles. Tweets with one or two hashtags give you a 21% increase in interest. Those with two or more tags, however, report a 17% decrease in interest relative to posts without a tag.

Twitter preferuje kiedy używamy hashtagów do przypisywania naszym postom kategorii np:
  • Events: #PrayForParis

  • Events: # Euro2016

  • Phenomenon: #AuroraBorealis



Among the social networking sites Facebook is by far the least favorably placed on hashtags. Posts without tags are much more popular than those where tags were used. Some studies show that too many hashtags can reduce your interest in fasting even four times. The SumAll Blog platform indicates that each hashtag added to the facebook post results in a 30% reduction in engagement. In addition, facebook stores posts for only 30 days, which means that after they have been searched for us with a specific tag, it will be impossible. When to use hashtags on Facebook? Basically only when we publish several posts with the same content, and we want to build around them a community whose hashtags we use will make it easier for us to find them.


Pinterest is a tool for creating so called. "Mood boards", which translates into Polish language tables of inspiration. We can search for inspiration using a search engine that paradoxically does not support hashtags. The phrase typed in the search engine window gives the same results as the # and without it sign. Tags are not active in the profile description nor in the description or titles of the arrays we create. So what are they applicable to? Hashtags only work in pin description (they are clickable). Hashtagi on Pinterest makes sense only when they are unique and not generic.

Google +

Hashtagi in Google Plus works just like on Facebook or Twiter. When we type in the search engine: # Holidays (when signed in to Google+). Google+ will find us relevant to us, but it will also take us to the hashtag search box. In addition to the tag we have, there will be other, related - clickable - hashtags. Tags in G + must be homogeneous and may not contain characters that are not letters, as they may change their behavior. Hashtagi Google Plus allows for greater exploration of the platform and its users.

Hashtag to świetne narzędzie do budowania społeczności


Hashtag is a great tool for building communities, finding interesting information, people, or groups. Thanks to them we can keep track of what is happening with our brand on the web or watch events that are only indirectly related to our business. We can also see how well the competition is doing and what our observers are looking for online. We will also learn how customers use our product. Let's encourage them to use our hashtags and build community around them. Hashtagi can be an effective e-marketing tool, and with great success we can apply it in our e-commerce business.

Let's follow the rules for creating effective hashtags and use them everywhere we can - keeping in mind the specificity of their actions on specific platforms.

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