Abandoned carts - 8 ways how to recover dropped baskets

Porzucone koszyki w sklepie - jak skutecznie odzyskiwać

Dropping carts is a nightmare for virtually every online store. If you do not have problems with them then you are a real lucky person. However, if you belong to most or you assume that it can always be better - you will find out what the main reasons for abandoning carts and how to deal with them.

I guarantee that in this article you will find at least one reason for abandoning your shopping cart, which may be extremely important in your store and that eliminating this reason will be exceptionally simple. Getting rid of even one reason of cart abandonment in you store may help you earn lots of money!


What are abandoned carts?

Abandoned carts in the online store are the carts to which the products were added by the user, but for some reason they were not ordered. So for some reason the user did not order and abandoned the shopping cart with the products.

In the real world, such cases are rare, because many times we encountered in the market abandoned shopping cart to whom no one admitted. In the traditional trade, the problem of abandoned carts does not exist.

The situation is different in online stores. Only 31% of customers who have added something to the shopping cart reach the cash register. It means that for 100 customers who are inclined to buy something and choose products that they want to order only 31 of them make an order, and 69 resigns for various reasons. Such data is provided by the Baymard Institute in its report. These figures vary from one industry to another, while the average is 69% of the cart abandoned. You can say it's a really big problem.

Most marketers focus on attracting potential customers to the store. They create interesting content, AdWords campaigns, and Facebook. They spend a lot of money to attract potential customers to the store, but they do not completely analyze what goes on - directly in the store. And statistics as seen above say that it does not happen the best.


Reasons for resignation

It is difficult to define all the reasons for abandoning a cart, but the research shows several main reasons for abandoning the order, and we should focus on them because eliminating them can increase the number of orders by as much as several dozen percent.

According to Baymard Institute research, the most common reasons for abandoning a cart are:
  • 61% - additional costs are too high - taxes, delivery costs, payment costs, others

  • 35% - required to have an account - to place an order you must own or have your own account

  • 27% - too long and complicated ordering process

  • 22% - in the shop appear errors, not working properly

  • 18% - no confidence in the store, customers are afraid to provide their data and data to make payments

  • 16% - too long delivery or lack of reliable delivery time information

  • 10% - return policy is too complicated

  • 8% - the list of available payment methods is not what the customer wants to pay.

1. Additional costs are too high

Additional costs cause as many as 61 dropouts per 100 (61% of respondents). It's a lot. Here are some examples to consider on how to cut additional costs.

  • Using the cheapest carrier will reduce the delivery costs for our customers and thus increase their motivation to shop.It's not worth sticking to one carrier. It is worth analyzing the offers of logistics companies from time to time, as they change from time to time. The main additional cost is the cost of delivery and payment.

  • Parcel deliveries are becoming more and more popular, and often the choice of this form of delivery is not only the price, but also the convenience of the customer, who can pick up the parcel in a convenient place and at a convenient time.Therefore, it is also worth thinking about introducing additional, cheaper ways of delivery, alternative to courier delivery, which with a longer delivery time are both cheaper. Customers like to have a choice - some prefer to pay more and have the item the next day, others like to spend as little as possible at a longer delivery time.

  • Delivering parcels to a pickup or parcel will reduce the price of parcels and if you ship them a lot and you have the right car, this can be a way to lower the price of delivery in your store.If you are sending small parcels, you may want to look around or if there is no Polish Post Office or Parcel Post. Delivery costs can also be lowered by choosing the way you send your items.

  • In this case, it would be much better to transfer the delivery costs to the product and offer low cost delivery.In many cases, for example, when buying unique, non-homogeneous and non-homogeneous products on the market, customers prefer to pay more for the product, because price is a determinant of value, and they like when delivery costs are low. It is worth thinking whether it would be better to transfer the delivery costs to the product so that shipping costs are as small as possible.

  • It is good to inform users how much they are missing for free shipping in the cart, and when the value of the cart reaches the required value, display the information that the delivery is free.It is important that customers are informed about the decreasing cost of delivery. It is also good to make the delivery price dependent on the value of the order - the higher the value of the order, the lower the cost of delivery and, from a certain value of the order, to offer a free delivery.

  • It's worth checking to see if your potential customer is getting full shipping information at the point of purchase. The delivery costs can eg be quoted on the product card, where the user can click on one of the clicks to see how much he will pay for the item without looking for it on other subpages of the store. We suggest you provide full shipping costs directly on the product card. Ideally, the information contained therein automatically updates according to your store delivery settings - so you do not have to waste time editing your data when changing bids.

2. Account required

The requirement to have an account is the reason for abandoning the cart for 35% of the respondents. You can understand that this reason is so important. Fewer and fewer users want to set up shop accounts, as purchases are often one-off. Users often want to make an order as quickly as possible without having to log in, and setting up an account is an additional step they must take. Therefore, if possible, you should be able to place orders without having to have an account and without having to log in. The shops that create the login are not required, and setting up an account is optional, as the user decides when placing the order.

3. Too long and complicated ordering process

This is an important reason for as many as 27% of the respondents. We become more and more comfortable and more and more respect our time. Therefore, as a store owner, you should keep this in mind and respect the time and convenience of your customers and wherever possible follow the KISS principle Keep Keep Simple Stupid. The process of placing an order may seem trivial, but it does not have to be for your customers. I miss here the aspect of knowing your customers (ie who buys your store), because sometimes we forget about it, and otherwise deal with shopping 16-year-olds and otherwise 50-year-olds. Keep in mind that what seems to us to be banal and simple for others is not necessarily at all, and sometimes it is enough to confuse one or the lack of information so that the potential customer has abandoned the ordering process and went shopping elsewhere.

In the shops we create we try to make this process consist of up to 3 stages:
  1. Shopping Cart - Product overview, promotion selection, up selling

  2. Order form - buyer data, addresses, choice of delivery method and payment

  3. Order summary, transition to on-line payments

1. Cart - in which the customer:

  • Browse selected products, change quantity or remove item

  • Receives information about the value of ordered products

  • He gets information about how much he is missing for free delivery

  • Receives information about available promotions and has the opportunity to use the selected promotion or several if the promotions are linked

  • It is possible to enter a discount coupon

  • Receives information about recommended products prepared according to the established algorithm of recommendation (Up Selling)

  • Has the ability to go to order

Koszyk z promocjami i up sellingiem


2. Order form - just fill in only 8 fields and specify delivery method and payment, all just the same on desktop, laptop or mobile phone.


Uproszczony formularz zamówienia


3. Summary - Here we provide customer with information about your order, order number, bank account number, we give you the option to download the Pro Forma PDF document and go to online payment if the customer chooses this payment method.

4. In the shop appear errors, not working properly

This is a significant factor for 22% of respondents. It is impossible to eliminate all errors once and for all, because we have no influence on certain things. If the online payment gateway is "off", it is not our fault because the problem may lie with the partner.

How to deal with errors? The most important thing is to know about them. If we know that something is not working we can react, diagnose the fault and either remove it or report it to the appropriate partner. Most importantly, we can react. No knowledge that something is not working is the worst that can happen.

And how do you know that? Simply ask your customers by giving them the right tools that will make them easy to contact. This can be an on-and-off chat window or other widget that allows you to send a bug report or a simple questionnaire where the customer can express their opinion whether everything is working properly.


5. No confidence in the store

Lack of confidence in the store is a reason for abandonment for 18% of respondents. This is a common reason especially in new, little-known stores, which are the majority of the market. People are becoming more and more distrustful, as with the increase in the number of online stores more and more shops have to be careful, so customers are afraid or do not hit the store.

How to deal with this? The key is the opinions of other customers. The shop has more positive reviews for this customer will be more reliable. It is worth to take good care of positive reviews as this is one of the key factors that build credibility of the store. Opinions can be collected in several ways.

You can run your own opinion module, the plus and minus of which is that opinions can not really be true, because we have full control over their publication. More reliable reviews are opinions on social networking sites like Facebook or Google. Such opinions can not be undermined and they have a higher value in the eyes of customers.

Getting opinions does not have to be difficult at all. If we feel that the order was quickly completed, you should ask the customer to issue an opinion. It is important that the mail has the character of a private message, not looking like a template generated from the system. Needed to include greeting the recipient's name, thank you for shopping, and polite request for feedback.

Such mail can be sent automatically after changing the status of an order and if the customer has not responded to the previous email.

Lack of confidence is also a result of low brand awareness, because to what we see for the first time we come up with a natural reserve. The branding process is usually long and hard and has not changed over the years. It is difficult to expect day-to-day effects if we do not have one million advertising budgets. Fortunately, at the present time, you do not have to spend as much time as you can in the customer's mind. With the advertising tools on Facebook or AdWords, we are able to reach a precisely defined audience we care about.
What is more, we can use remarketing, that is, to show ads only to people who visited our store, which was the first contact with our brand.

The most important thing to know how to do this effectively. If we have the time and willingness we can learn to operate marketing on these popular channels ourselves, however, it will take time and money that we "burn" into learning. Another way is to learn by the side of more experienced people, by entrusting them with marketing activities, and by learning from them during conversations or by reading reports of actions taken to explain what and why is done in a different way.


6. Too long delivery or no delivery time information

Delivery time is an important criterion when making a purchase decision and reason for abandoning the cart for 16% of respondents. Delivery time for most couriers is up to 2 business days, although in practice delivery usually takes 1 business day. The problem may be shipping, as couriers are increasingly introducing mail receipts the next day. Even if the courier arrives for other packages for which he has an order, he is not able to pick up those that you have just packed and added as new orders. This is quite a strange situation but such is the reality and the courier will not pick up a parcel for which he has not received orders and transportation letters at check in, even though they are ready to send.

Luckily, there are still courier companies on the market who can pick up the same day, provided the order arrives at a specific time.

How to reduce the abandonment of the cart? For example, as follows:
  • In delivery methods, you can select the delivery option - DPD, UPS, DHL, etc., giving information on which time the order should be placed so that the shipment will be dispatched on the same day.

  • Extend delivery methods by courier companies, whose goods you can deliver to the collection point - Paczkomaty, Poczta Polska. With more packages being shipped, this can be beneficial for both parties.

The second important part of this item is time delivery information. It is very important for the customer to receive reliable information when he or she can expect a shipment. Therefore, provide reliable information about the availability of goods. It involves the proper management of your own stock and the updating of the availability of goods in other warehouses if you sell the dropshipping model.

If you manage stocks in the right way you are able to precisely inform the customer about the availability of goods and the fastest shipping time. If your store is integrated with the warehouse system, and you also sell through other sales channels such as a point of sales or sales representatives - ensure that the store's inventory synchronization is as frequent as possible. This will avoid situations in which the customer orders a product that has been sold in the meantime through another sales channel, and the store has failed to synchronize and has provided the customer with information that the product is more available than it really is.

Another solution might be an e-commerce system that enables warehouse management and sales through multiple sales channels. Such a system uses one database for all sales channels so that states are updated only in one place and there is no need to synchronize them between several systems. For example, sales made by a sales representative in the field will result in inventory turnover and change in the quantity of goods available in the store, and thus in an online store that uses the same database - is part of the same system.

And the same way the other way - if someone buys an online store, his order is placed in the store, which changes the availability of the item to retailers and dealers. Everything happens in real time, without the need for synchronization, without delays, and is part of a strategy called multichannel. If we do this we will unify the marketing message in all sales channels, we will get a popular so-called. omnichannel.


7. Return policy is too complicated

This is an important reason for 10%. Unified consumer law within the European Union gives you the right to return your purchased goods over the internet within 14 days. This means that without giving a reason anyone can return the goods within 14 days and we are obliged to return the paid amount. It is worth remembering that this is the law that applies to all stores and we must obey it.

Percentage of customers who return goods for no reason is really small, and those who return are usually the most important reason to do so. That is why it is important to use this part of the business to build brand and loyalty among customers. If we make it easier for them to return the goods, we will not only give them an extra pretext for shopping, but they can also become regular customers and advocates of our brand among friends. How to facilitate the return procedure?

  • Please inform the customer that the item can be returned within 14 days - a detailed description is to be placed in the shop rules (which is your responsibility), add a link to this information in the store footer and other places like the product card or shopping cart, which can link to the appropriate section in the rules

  • In the rules of the shop, apart from the description that the goods can be returned within 14 days, describe how to do it - in points or in the form of icons with a brief description, this will be more assimilable form and customers will be grateful to you.

  • It is a good idea to link the return form as a PDF file, which should be as simple as possible. We suggest you include information like:

    • Order number

    • Buyer details

    • Name of the returned product / amount

    • Account number for which we have to return the receivables

    • Reason for return - as an option that the customer can fill out, and what may be valuable information for us

    • Address to send goods

    • The same return form should also be included in the shipment so that the customer can save time finding information on the return procedure.

8. No payment method that the customer wants to pay

This is one of the reasons that is easy enough to eliminate, and it is important for 8% of the respondents. On-line payments are becoming increasingly popular, and broker commissions are getting smaller. That's why it is important to integrate your online payment gateway shop as it is the fastest way to enable your customers to make payments through multiple channels. Dotpay or Payu integration opens doors to most bank transfers and payment cards. In addition Dotpay offers the ability to handle payments via Paypal - just enter the data into your Paypal account and enable this payment channel in the Dotpay panel.


For the aforementioned reasons, there are some very important reasons why you can easily deal with them. The first is to abandon the cart caused by some distraction factor - the phone rang, someone wrote on Facebook, the computer hanged. The second is to abandon the cart because of the lack of conviction that the product is definitely the optimum choice. The third is deliberate abandoning the cart for the benefit.

For all three abandonment cases, the best solution is marketing automation or marketing automation. It primarily relies on making contact with the user via email. Messages are created based on defined message templates, and their delivery is based on defined rules that determine what to whom and when should be sent.

We recommend our post about how to recover abandoned carts by automating mailing and increase sales at no extra cost for advertising.

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